Back in late 2007 I wrote about the murder of Emily Sander. Aside from the fact that it was a heinous murder in the first place, the murder got a lot of media play due to the fact that Emily doubled online as soft-porn model Zoey Zane.

Murder of Emily Sander

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Sander’s accused murderer, Israel Mireles, fled to Mexico where he was arrested in December 2007 where he has remained in custody until just recently. The Mexican government finally extradited Mireles back to the U.S. and he made his first court appearance in El Dorado, Kansas earlier today. The video below is from his court hearing.

The County Attorney has asked that Mireles bond be raised to $3 million due to the fact that he is an escape threat and his preliminary hearing has been set for July 8th, although that will most likely be continued. He has been charged with Murder, Rape and Aggravated Criminal Sodomy and since prosecutors had to agree not to pursue the death penalty he faces life in prison if convicted.

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