Janesia Williams Made a Mistake…


…and she’s damned lucky it didn’t cost the lives of her two children.

It’s been pretty hot here in Georgia the last couple of days. I think it got up to about 96 yesterday and today, at least in my area, and the temperatures I saw around the state in the weather forecast looked pretty similar. It sucks to work all day in a hot kitchen and then have to go outside in the hot air for a smoke or when it was time to go home. I had to let the air run in my car for several minutes this afternoon prior to heading home. I couldn’t imagine leaving a pet or one of my children in a hot car, which is exactly what Janesia Williams did Saturday in the Wal-Mart parking lot in Ellenwood.

She had some shopping to do and I guess Janesia didn’t want to be bothered with her two four-month-old twins while grocery shopping, so she left them in the hot car. For 30 minutes. What kind of fucktard leaves their babies in the car ANYTIME of the year, much less in the heat of the Georgia summer?

That’s exactly what the Clayton County Police department thought as well when they arrested Janesia on charges of Child Cruelty. As of this morning she was still being held without bond and although that may have changed I hope she spends some quality time in a hot fucking cell, the stupid bitch. Assuming she is convicted she needs to spend her time locked in a car with only the window cracked, surrounded by 20 acres of hot blacktop in 96 degree heat.

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