Lashaunda Cooper Left Her Kids in the Car to Shoplift


Earlier this week Lashaunda Chantee Cooper decided she would take a quick drive down to the Wal-Mart in Marrietta, Georgia to do a bit of shopping shoplifting. As she tried to leave the store with her $25 worth of clothes security stopped and detained her, calling local police in the process. If you are thinking Lashaunda must have done something else to get her written up here at Shadowscope you would be 100% right.

Before she headed into the Wal-Mart Lashaunda (MySpace) parked her car and left her ignition keys in it with strict instructions to her getaway driver to stay in the car while she took care of her business.


When Marrietta police arrived and started to read Lashaunda her rights she explained to the officer that her children were still in the car. Police found her two boys, one and three years old. One of them only had a t-shirt on and there was only one car seat in the car, which neither was in.

Lashaunda is lodged in the Cobb County jail with no bond on charges of Child Cruelty and Shoplifting. Oh yeah, and violation of probation, which would explain the lack of bond. Lashaunda has a record which mainly consists of shoplifting, driving without a license and trafficking in cocaine which stretches back to 2002.

Be warned that if you head over to Lashaunda’s page you might find it even less intelligible than my writing. She’s one of those lovely ladies who think that ebonics is actually acceptable in their writing in addition to their speech and everything on the page has that ‘gangsta’ feel that I hate so much.

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