Mark Musselwhite Got Nekked

mark musselwhite

It’s getting to where a grown man can’t sit around nekked drinking a beer anymore in the privacy of his own home anymore. Hell, I might be nekked as I write this, having worked all day. Oh, wait a minute. Former Mayor of Gainesville Georgia, Mark Musselwhite, wasn’t in the privacy of his own home when he was arrested. Then I guess I’ll have to take back at least part of what what I said.

Police in Rabun County got a call last weekend about a man walking down Earls Ford Road, buck naked. Department of Natural Resources Park Ranger Brandon Walls, accompanied by  Rabun County Deputy Sheriff, paid a visit to the campsite of 43-year-old Mark Musselwhite yesterday and found him intoxicated and naked. According to the accounts I’ve read there were severeal alcoholic beverages and an unidentified female at the campsite.Musselwhite didn’t seem to think he was doing anything wrong. When the deputy and park ranger approached him he said “Hello” and asked them why he was being visited.

Musselwhite served on the Gainseville city council for six years as well as having been mayor and he lost a bid for a state senate seat back in 2006. He has also served as a deacon for the First Baptist Church in Gainesville.

Musselwhite has been charged with public indecency. You can find the DNR incident report here. A public indencency charge probably wouldn’t be the end of the world but once you start trying to throw around non-existent political clout and get beligerent with the cops…Most likely not a good move on his part.

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