Neveah Buchanan Updates

It’s been just over a week now since the disappearance of Neveah Amyah Buchanan and hope of finding the little girl is fading every day. Judging from the extemporaneous evidence they have found so far I think that the chances of finding the little girl alive are pretty small.


Roy Lee Smith is a convicted sex offender from Monroe. While it’s been 18 years since the last offense he was convicted of he is currently a person of interest in the case. He is another acquaintance of Jennifer Buchanan and he owns the van that George Kennedy drove.

Police have also been questioning James Easter, another man in the area. His girlfriend lives in the same apartment complex as the Buchanans’ do. Police removed pornographic material from his house. Apparently someone found a little girl’s clothing outside the local UAW and a check on the license plate of the car that was seen driven by the person who dumped them turned up Easter.

While there are no results back from the state crime lab, police did release information pertaining to the fact that blood was found on George Kennedy’s clothing as well as in the hotel room that he lived in. They are also testing a knife that had blood on it as well. The latest news I have heard is that the blood spatters do no match Neveah’s blood.

Over the last few days a couple of local children said that they saw Neveah kidnapped and taken into the woods last Sunday and one of them is saying that they saw her stabbed. Is this just a couple of kids with overactive imaginations, or did they see something they shouldn’t? They claim that a man they know as “Daddy George” is the person that carried Neveah into the woods.

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