Out With the Old…Inbred the New

We’ve lived in our subdivision going on nine years now. There are houses on either side of us and a couple across the street. We are acquaintances of our neighbors across the street. They are a really nice family and we’ve had them over for barbecues and whatnot a few times.
The house above us has had three owners since it was built a few months after we moved here. I knew the original home owners through work and it was obvious from the moment they moved in that they wouldn’t be there long. When they were foreclosed on they stripped the house of anything of value and disappeared. The second owner rented it out to a pretty nice couple for a year or so and then they moved on. He sold the house after that. I haven’t had the chance to get to know the family that bought the house this year but they seem pretty nice as well.
The house just below us was owned for a few years by a really cool family who we became friends with and our children played together. Unfortunately the husband ended up taking him a job with a hell of a commute. He works on the North Slope in Alaska. He works a week and then takes a week off. They decided to move to the midwest to be closer to family as well as halfway to his job. I hated when they moved. The second owner (who still owns it) is a semi-hot chick that we got to know a little bit. She’s pretty cool but unfortunately decided to rent the house out last summer to some folks from the area. It’s not that they aren’t nice people or anything but it seems as if an entire fucking clan is living there. Trucks and cars parked all over the yard, people coming and going all the time. I just get a weird vibe from them. The good news is that this larger-than-life family is in the process of moving out. There’s a dumptruck looking trailer sitting out from right now that they are throwing their shit into. They can’t seem to pay their rent on time so the chick decided not to renew their rental agreement this year. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me.
She’s got the house on the market again but if it doesn’t sell anytime soon she and her fiance will be moving back out here. They are both pretty cool, and he is in law enforcement as well, which is a nice bonus.
The fact that the large family next door is moving is what prompted me to write about it. I was actually in a much more snarky mood than what I have written, I just decided I didn’t feel like being an asshole about it. It also got me to thinking about how we don’t really know a lot of people in the neighborhood very well, which is a sad thing. I don’t even know the name of the newest group of neighbors and the husband works at the same school as my wife.
Being as how I’m not exactly Mr Friendly I don’t guess I’ll be rectifying the situation any time soon, it just seems to distress me a little bit.

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