Robert Knight Had Issues With His Girlfriend


Around the middle of this past week maintenance men at the West Bay Apartments in Columbus, Ohio made a gruesome discovery in their pond and one of the dumspters…body parts. Police, staff from the Coroner’s Office and anthropologists from Ohio State University all joined in the search for the rest of the dismembered body that was scattered throughout the complex, in the pond, trash bins and even in the brush around the complex.

Police won’t say what led them to Robert Knight’s apartment but once they arrived and he allowed them to search the place they found a head and both arms stuffed in his freezer.

The body belonged to Tracey Moore, Knight’s girlfriend, who was no stranger to his violence. Apparently this three-time loser had stabbed his girlfriend back in February of 2008 and punched her in the head after pushing her to the ground. When the case went to trial Tracey Moore never showed up and the charges were dismissed. This time around Knight finished the job he started last February.

Fifty-year-old Robert Knight has been in and out of jail in Ohio since 1979 on charges ranging from breaking and entering to kidnapping and assault. Let’s hope this piece of trash doesn’t get out this time.

Judging from the fact that Knight dumped his girlfriend’s body parts scattered around the apartment complex, so close to where he lived, he knew he would get caught. Perhaps he was even counting on it.


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