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    Ricky L. Miller, Jr. must have been pretty pissed off. The 33-year-old East Earl, PA man (MySpace and here and here) and his wife have been separated for a couple of months. Seems as though he’s been taking it pretty hard and doesn’t want to let go. Miller, who graduated from Pequea Valley High School in ’94, has allegedly been harassing his estranged wife and her boyfriend to the point where a protective order was in the process already, it just had not yet been served.

    Sunday morning Hampden Township police had Miller come down to the station to answer a few questions. Miller had allegedly been sending Kenneth E. Geiger III (Myspace) threatening text messages and had even followed him to work last Wednesday morning and both Ashley Miller (the wife) and Geiger were very concerned.

    When police questioned Miller he came across as very remorseful and apologized several times according to law enforcement. They felt that he was no danger and allowed Miller to leave. That’s when things started to get ugly quick.

    The protection from abuse order included a clause that would have required Ricky Miller to surrender his firearms but since it had not yet been served there was nothing that police could legally do to hold him. Seems to me that someone in the chain seriously screwed up somewhere.

    Sunday night Ken Geiger and Ashley Miller (pictured below, thanks to PennLive) pulled up in front of Geiger’s home. Parked in his pickup truck waiting for them at the end of the cul-de-sac was Ricky Miller. Ricky got out of his truck and walked up to the car that Geiger, Ashley Miller and her three children were riding in and put a .45 caliber bullet in Geiger’s head, killing him.


    At that point Miller took off. Monday police began a manhunt which lasted all day. They found the pickup truck a few miles from where Geiger was killed and then used bloodhounds to track him to a grocery store parking lot. Miller was finally spotted on top of an oil tank around 7pm Monday evening. Police showed up and a thunderstorm rolled in which forced Miller to try and climb down. He ended up falling about 15 feet and is currently hospitalized. Once he gets out he will be formally charged with Criminal Homicide as well as four counts of Reckless Endangerment.

    It gets even more convoluted though. Apparently Miller got Ken Geiger’s address from his estranged wife, Kristen Leigh Geiger (MySpace). According to authorities it would have taken a lot more than just giving him the address to make her complicit in the murder and while they won’t say for sure, it doesn’t look as if she will face any charges in the murder case.


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