Updated August 5th 2009. I’ve had a couple of emails from anonymous folks both defending Greg Schutt as well as others defending Ashley. Nothing more than conjecture and hearsay so far except for the fact that I did receive one from a possible co-worker of Ashley’s who claimed that she would come to work bruised and with black eyes.

Original Entry below:

Some of the stuff I come across and write about seems so clear cut. Take the last post for example, the one about the mother that skinned her child. It’s pretty clear to me that Otty Sanchez is just an evil creature for what she has done. Some stories aren’t quite so clear, at least on the surface and leave me shaking my head wondering “why?” The story of Greg and Ashley Schutt is one of those. Perhaps it’s just because all of the details haven’t surfaced to the public yet.

Greg and Ashley had been married eight years (possibly nine now). Greg’s MySpace page paints a picture of normality. Photos include Batman, Family Guy, a model. He appears to have liked wrestling. One thing I found that was noticeably absent from his photos were pictures of his wife. Out of 148 photos there are exactly two, including the one of the couple which is below.


Just because he doesn’t have a bunch of pictures posted doesn’t necessarily signify anything. I have a ton of photos online but only a few are of my wife. That’s more because she shys away from wanting to be associated with my online life than anything else though. She teaches and with the amount of knuckle draggers that she has to deal with on a daily basis I can understand not wanting them to have too much info. One thing I did find interesting though is the photo that Greg did have up. According to Ashley’s photos and comments she has worked hard the last couple of years to lose weight. As a matter of fact she has lost a lot of weight and that must have really been a boost to her self esteem. Why then would the only two pictures her husband have online be “fat” pictures?

Maybe it doesn’t mean anything, but then again maybe it is indicative of something else going on. UPDATE – I did receive an anonymous tip that Ashley’s co-workers at Orkin (although her MySpace page says she worked at Ikon, two entirely different industries) had seen her come into work on more than one occasion with bruises and black eyes and even a back brace at one point.

Ashley’s MySpace, on the other hand, chronicles her weight loss and also lets us in on ashleyschutt some of the other details of their lives. Consider the screen names themselves. Greg’s is Gmoney, whereas Ashley’s is AshleyandGreg. She has pictures posted of her weight loss and as you can see from her unflattering mug shot (are any of them really flattering?) and the one to the right, she was successful in that. Her “about me” section has the following: “About me…my name is Ashley, I live in ATL, work in ATL, and play in ATL. I am 27 years old and have been married to my 30 year old husband Greg for almost 9 years. We have been through everything together, we have gone around the world together (thank you US Army), and we have so much more to experience together…I can hardly wait. For those of you who have known me for a long time, I have lost a lot of weight…as you can tell from my picture! I’m finally down where I want to be and where I feel my best…145-150!

On July 27th the Gwinnett County Police arrested 27-year-old Ashley S Schutt after they found her 30-year-old husband Gregory L. Schutt stabbed to death in their home. During the initial call police responded to a 911 call. When they got to the Schutt’s house in Lawrenceville Ashley was outside and told them that her husband was inside and dead. They discovered Greg’s body with multiple stab wounds.

Schutt told police that they had been victims of a home invasion robbery and that she had also been raped by the robbers. That was disproven by police during the course of their investigation and from what they found on the scene they decided they had enough probable cause to arrest Ashley Schutt on murder charges. She is currently being held in the Gwinnett County Jail without bond. According to the Gwinnett County Police the motive was domestic related.

According to Ashley’s blogs a good friend of her’s lived with them for four years while they were trying to help her get her life together. Four years is a long time for a house guest and can tend to be quite disruptive to family life. Having a “stranger” in the house, no matter how close they are to the family, can certainly make people act differently. Then again it might also keep you on your best behavior. About a year ago they had to ask their friend to move out and then it was just Ashley and Greg.

What has changed in the last year that would make Ashley brutally stab her husband? It’s obvious that she was trying to make her life better, and she talked about having children as well. Was this on-the-surface happy marriage abusive? Perhaps the changes Ashley was making in her life were too much for Greg to bear? If that’s the case why couldn’t she just leave? Murder is so damned permanent. This is all just supposition of course. I really don’t have a frigging clue as to what was going on and may never know. I’ll certainly be following the story though.

Anyone that does have information or know the family is more than welcome to leave a comment, or email me at anonymously or otherwise.

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