Updated 7-26-09 Early on the morning of July 16th the Jonesboro, GA police came across a Ford F-150 in the back of a restaurant parking lot with it’s lights on. When they stopped to check it out they found 29-year-old Charles Thomas McClendon ( in the back seat of the extended cab along with what appeared to be an underage girl, both in various states of undress.

When McClendon got out of the truck he was trying to pull his pants up, with an open condom in hand. The girl was also attempting to put her clothes back on.

When questioned by police McClendon told them he had just gotten back in town and wanted to have sex with his girl friend. Maybe he should have called her rather than parking in his truck with a 15-year-old former student. Yeah, that’s right. McClendon tutored the girl in Math last year where he teaches at Stone Mountain Middle School. I suppose the link to his page at SMMS will be coming down shortly, if the administrators in Dekalb County have any brains.

In addition to fondling a 15-year-old girl police also found a 9-millimeter semi-automatic pistol and ammo in his truck. McClendon, who played for the Georgia X-Treme a few years back, has now been released from jail on $35,000 bond according to his attorney Keith Adams, who also represents Derrick Yancey.

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