My wife is a public high-school teacher. She’s been doing it for 15 years and occasionally she’ll take a summer off just to relax but generally she likes to keep busy working. The extra money is nice but I think keeping busy is the main reason she does it. She used to work for me during the summer months but for the last decade or so she has taught summer school. This year she got to teach both summer school as well as participate in educating teachers at the local university.

35-year-old Clinton Ernest Pruitt apparently likes to keep busy during the summer months as well. The only thing is, he doesn’t seem to care if his summer is filled with legal and fulfilling activities or not.

Clinton let it get around that he was looking to buy some meth and I could have told him that stuff like that generally gets around to the wrong people but he most likely wouldn’t have listened anyway. Clinton Pruitt purchased 14 grams of methamphetamine from an undercover law enforcement officer in Forsyth County, GA earlier in the month, allegedly with the intent to turn around and sell it for more.

Clinton, who teaches at Dawson County Middle School, was released on $27,500 bond back on July 14th. According to the Dawson County Schools Superintendent Keith Porter Pruitt is still employed by Dawson County and will remain so while they “monitor the situation”. Considering the fact that school starts back in two weeks, exactly what are they going to have him doing there? Teaching kids about Economics? If I were a resident of Dawson County I’m not sure I would want my kids around Pruitt. WTF? My wife is being forced to take three unpaid leave days in order to save the State of Georgia enough money to cut it’s budget because politicians don’t know how to keep to a budget worth a damn. Perhaps they could furlough this piece of crap and split his salary between some of the other Dawson County teachers who deserve their hard-earned money.

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