Daniel Swanciger Offended…AGAIN


43-year-old Daniel Mark Swanciger is a twice-convicted sex offender. Up until recently his latest charge was in December 2007 when he failed to comply with Maine’s Sexual Offender Registry Act, i.e. he absconded.

Last Sunday a three-year-old’s mother called the police to report that the child had been sexually abused. Swanciger is apparently a friend of the family and was spending time with them. According to the mother Swanciger moved the child’s bathing suit aside in order to rub his foot in her vagina while the mother was napping just a few feet away. By the time that police arrived Swanciger had fled the scene but they were able to catch up to this repeat offender a short time later.

He is currently being held at the Cumberland County Jail on charges of Unlawful Sexual Contact as well as Failing to Comply With the Sexual Offender Registry Act with only a $50,000 bond. I guess some liberal judge has decided it would be OK for the douchebag to go out and rape another child while he’s waiting for trial. Considering that registering is most likely part of his initial parole he should be forced to serve the rest of his sentence and THEN go to trial for this one.

Yet another disturbing story that shows how sex offenders can’t be rehabilitated. What’s scary is the fact that it looks as if Swanciger has lived in Arizona, Maine, New York (where he also failed to register), North Carolina (which is where he offended both previous times) and possibly New Hampshire and Texas. How many unreported victims of Swanciger are out there right now, scarred for the rest of their lives?

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