Eder Acosta Arrested For Murdering a 6-Year-Old Boy


Here’s yet another sad story about a mother who valued her live-in penis more than she did her children. 20-year-old Eder Acosta (MySpace) of Cumming, Georgia was arrested this past Saturday on charges that he beat his girlfriend’s 6-year-old boy to death.

Since September 2008 DFCS has responded to four different complaints at the Moreno household in Cumming. One of them was a complaint of two uncles fighting in the house (several members of the extended family also lived there as well) and the other three were all about suspected abuse on the little boy, Bryan Guzman-Moreno.

Last September the complaint DFCS investigated was about a bruise on Bryan’s thigh and in September there were scratches on his face. Considering how often kids kid sctratched and bruised they must have been pretty bad for DFCS to have been called in the first place. Nevertheless they found nothing to substantiate either instance as child abuse. They did note that the little boy was uncooperative and had difficulty communicating with investigators, which should have at least prompted further questioning by someone better qualified to deal with the special needs student.

In January Acosta was accused again, this time of hitting the child. In addition to the complaint of the boy being beaten, Laura Moreno’s 11-year-old son told DFCS that he didn’t want to live in the house because his mother and Acosta fight a lot. He also told investigators that Acosta had hit little Bryan once, hard on the leg, because he would not go to the bathroom. DFCS says that they worked with the family for several months but right now it’s unclear if they currently have an open case on the Morenos.

Which brings us to last Thursday…Acosta took Laura Moreno to work last Thursday morning around six o’clock. Shortly afterward he returned to the mobile home they lived in and started beating the six-year-old. By six-thirty he was at the emergency room at Northside Hospital-Forsyth with cardiac arrest. Acosta told them that the boy had a medical problem and had stopped breathing. Whatever injuries Acosta had inflicted were not visible to the doctors at Northside and he was transferred to Egleston where he was pronounced dead from blunt force trauma a few hours later.

Coroners found very extensive internal injuries to the little boy’s head and body. So far they haven’t released any details as to whether a weapon was used or if Acosta did it with his bare hands.

DFCS has finally taken the other children out of the household, a 1-year-old and the 11-year-old boy. Neither of these children were injured. Acosta has been arrested on felony charges of Murder, Cruelty to Children and Aggravated Battery and is being held without bail at the Forsyth County Jail. Considering that Laura Moreno let this monster mistreat her son over the last nine months she damned well should be charged with Cruelty to Children as well, although that is unlikely to happen.


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