Fernando Maldonado Has a Messed-up Parenting Technique


Late last night/early this morning Oregon State Trooper Derek Bischoff was minding his own business keeping honest people honest when 33-year-old Fernando Lua Maldonado passed him on I-5 doing 90mph. The trooper gave pursuit and caught up to Maldonado as he was getting off the exit ramp in Salem. He tried to pull Maldonado over but the dude failed to yeild and tried to elude to officer. For about eight miles the state trooper, along with Marion County Deputies and Salem Police, chased Maldonado, at speeds around 60mph until he stopped in a neighborhood and tried to run away on foot.

Maldonado made it about two blocks and was finally caught by the State Trooper when he tried to climb a fence. He’s been arrested (after also resisting arrest) and is currently in the Marion County Jail. So what makes this candidate for COPS different than any old dumb ass that ran from the cops? Oh yeah, the stupid fuck had his two children, ages five and seven, in the backseat all during the chase. The house he stopped in front of was his own and he told the boys to run inside and stay there as he tried to escape himself.

Maldonado has been charged with Felony Attempt to Elude in a Vehicle, Reckless Driving, two counts of Recklessly Endangering Another Person, Resisting Arrest and Misdemeanor Attempt to Elude on Foot. Considering he did more than just recklessly endanger I hope that they tack on some child abuse charges as well before all is said in done. The two boys have been released to the custody of their mother.

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