Hammertime Star Bigg Marv Arrested for Rape


Update: Marvin Grant had a hearing today (August 10th) in court and asked to be assigned a public defender. He did not enter a plea during the hearing.

Original Post: 33-year-old Marvin Turell Grant, more popularly known as Lyin’ Marv or Bigg Marv on MC Hammer‘s  show Hammertime and a cousin of Hammer, was arrested Thursday and charged with raping a 40-year-old woman he met on Twitter.

Grant and the woman met through Twitter and developed a relationship through emails and phone calls. Earlier in the week Grant told them woman he had just flown into San Francisco International and the woman agreed to drive to Livermore to meet him. She rented a hotel room and waited for Grant to arrive. The two went to dinner and then returned to her hotel room.

Now don’t get me wrong, but when you rent a hotel room and then invite a guy back to your hotel room after a romantic dinner, the guy is looking to get laid. Anyone that doesn’t know that is a moron. That having been said, I still feel like “NO” is no. Even with the fact that it looks like she was leading Grant on she still didn’t deserve what he dished out.

At some point Grant started to fondle the woman which is when she asked him to stop since they had just met. He then assaulted her sexually. The woman allegedly tried to stop the attack but the 300lb man held her down and pinned one of her arms rendering her unable to fight back. It’s a wonder she could breathe with Grant on top.

After the woman called police, investigators got in touch with him via cell phone. He agreed to turn himself in and never showed up. Again police contacted him and he said he would turn himself in on Thursday morning. When that didn’t happen police arrested him in Tracy, CA about 2 pm Thursday afternoon.

MC Hammer is defending Marv on his Twitter account and the family is standing behind Marv. Oh yeah, here is Bigg Marv’s Twitter page as well. What’s interesting is that there are no tweets since last Tuesday. He is a pretty regular user so I am assuming that after police got what they needed the tweets were deleted. Too bad Google doesn’t archive twitter timelines like regular pages.

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