Lacy Sommers…Pregnant and Barefoot…Again


…I don’t actually know about all that but what I do know is that it must be a bitch to be in jail and pregnant.

Lacy Sommers from Hortonville, Wisconsin was arrested in October of last year on charges stemming from the fact that she allegedly had sex on multiple occasions with a 13-year-old boy between November of 2007 and April of 2008. As a matter of fact she’a had a child from those encounters. You can read more about the initial charges at the Weekly Vice.

The boy admitted to police that he had been having a relationship with Sommers and she also admitted to it, stating that she “knew it was wrong but was in love with the boy”. Ick.

Back in February she pleaded not guilty to a charge of Repeated Sexual Assault of Same Child, which is a felony. The jury trial was set for April 15th but it looks like it was bumped to the August and the charges have been amended to 3rd Degree Sexual Assault. She’s had a change of attorneys at least three times over the last few months and now there are more issues. She’s been ordered to face trial again on NEW charges of sexually asaulting the boy.

Sommers was arrested again back on May 1st on the same charges as well as bail jumping which involved more contact with the boy. She is due back in court on the new charges on July 28th. Oh by the way..she’s pregnant AGAIN.

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