Lavelle Johnson is the Ice Cream Man….

Strawberry Ice Cream with Strawberries

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I’m your ice cream man, stop me when I’m passin’ by
I’m your ice cream man, stop me when I’m passin’ by
They say all my flavors are guaranteed to satisfy
One time, boys
I’m your ice cream man
I’m your ice cream man
Ah my, my, my
All my flavors are guaranteed to satis-uh-fy

Update – Lavelle Johnson has been formally charged with dealing cocaine as of yesterday afternoon. He also tested positive for THC on Wednesday, which is a violation of his parole.

Original Entry – 23-year-old Lavelle Shermaine Johnson (old MySpace) from Green Bay, Wisconsin is a convicted felon with a long string of legal infractions ranging from reckless endangerment (2008) and resisting arrest (2008) to several drug convictions (2004 and 2008). Most of the warrants in Green Bay itself seem to be related to stuff like reckless driving and operating a vehicle with a suspended license however. Lavelle has served his time and certainly deserves a chance to lead a productive life to support himself. His choice of jobs could have been better though.

Somehow Lavelle and his family were able to convince the morons on the Green Bay City council that this drug dealer should be able to sell a different sort of wares to children around the city. Ice Cream. Despite the fact that the Green Bay Police Department recommended that he not be given a license to operate his ice cream truck (a converted camper) and the fact that he had already been selling ice cream without a permit in violation of the law the City Council felt that he was just a hard working guy that deserved a chance. Apparently they were wrong. Had the city council looked at the facts instead of allowing themselves to be swayed by his family’s testimonials this probably wouldn’t even be news.

Lavelle Johnson was arrested Thursday, less than 48 hours after getting his license, for manufacturing and delivering cocaine. He had apparently been under investigation already by the Brown County Drug Task Force because his arrest stemmed from something that happened back in April.

According to Alderman Andy Nicholson (the only council member opposed to giving him a license) “Mr. Johnson should never have received a license to sell ice cream in the city of Green Bay because of his long extensive criminal record”. I tend to agree with Nicholson. Perhaps if the city had waited a few years for Johnson to prove himself a law-abiding member of society things might have been different.

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