Maxwell Trial Continues



Last night the trial of Lynn and Lindsey Maxwell continued with Defense Attorney Sal Lanzo’s opening statement. He said that the Maxwells will both be testifying before the jury and according to CNYCentral the charges were just a rush to judgment and the issue was whether the state has a right to tell you how clean your house can be. It was obvious from the beginning that he was going to use this tact. We’ll see when the jury comes back how they feel about it. Their 11-year-old daughter was forced to live in unsanitary conditions in a house full of garbage, animals and cat shit.

They are also accused of locking Erin in a room so that she couldn’t get out all even if there was an emergency.

The DA took the same tact and told the jury that this case is about Erin and the conditions that she was forced to live in.

The first witness to be called was New York State Trooper Shawn Finkle. He told the jury about the conditions of Erin Maxwell’s house when she died and showed pictures of the garbage strewn throughout the house.

The case continues tonight and I will update this tomorrow or you can follow it at CNYCentral as well.

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