Maxwell Trial Continues

Last night was the third night in Palermo Town Court for the trial of Lynn and Lindsey Maxwell. Both of the Maxwells have been charged with four counts each of creating an unsanitary environment as well as locking Erin Maxwell in her room in a manner that she couldn’t escape in an emergency.

State Police Investigator Joe Harriger testified for four hours last night about the conditions of the house. Most of the stuff he testified about we have already gone over last year in the initial posts that were put up. He said that he saw a pile of garbage, chickens in cages, 20 dead kittens in the freezer, cat feces and plenty of cats.

The defense counsel did get Harriger to admit that they pulled 43 cats out of the house rather than 63, which is what was in his initial report.

The trial continues tonight and I will try to have an update in the morning. You can also follow it in more detail at the link below.


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