Nevaeh Buchanan Autopsy Results

I wrote a few posts about Nevaeh Buchanan back at the end of May and early June. If you’ll remember, an Amber Alert was called for the missing five-year-old girl at the end of May. Turns out her mom, Jennifer Buchanan is friends with a convicted sex offender and has been bringing him home to be around Nevaeh. Not just any old sex offender mind you, but the worst kind, a pedophile.

Several days after Nevaeh was reported missing a couple of fishermen found the body of Nevaeh Amyah Buchanan encased in cement on a riverbed close by. Pretty interesting stuff when you consider that the pedophile, 39-year-old George Kennedy, works with cement in the area where her body was found.

Kennedy along with another sex offender, 48-year-old Roy Lee Smith, are currently incarcerated on semi-related charges right now. Part of Kennedy’s parole includes the fact that he’s not supposed to have any contact at all with children, something he was made well aware of as a condition of his all-too-early release from jail.

The autopsy results have now been released to the public, or at least part of them. They include the information that Neveah inhaled dirt, which has thus far led police to believe that she was still breathing when she was entombed in the crude grave on the banks of the Raisin River.

Some of the other evidence that investigators are looking at are carpet samples from Nevaeh’s apartment since carpet fibers were found under her fingernails. They also have blood evidence found early on in Kennedy’s apartment. Apparently the police are also getting ready to question another woman who has ties to both of the sex offenders as well. What is it about women wanting to be friends with scumbuckets like this anyway?

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