New Discovery Documents Release in Anthony Case/Has Lee Anthony Been Granted Immunity?

Lee Anthony

The Florida State Attorney’s Office has released over 1500 pages of new Discovery in the case against Casey Anthony for the murder of three-year-old Caylee Marie Anthony. Apparently a large chunk of the documentation has to do with Jesse Grund, Casey Anthony’s one-time fiance. You can find all 18 parts of the document dump over at WESH.

In addition to the documents, Lee Anthony is being deposed today in the case. Several news sources are reporting that Lee Anthony has been given immunity and of course there are other folks flying off the handle about it. Here’s what the news stations aren’t telling you. When the state subpoenas you to give testimony in something like this you are given Use Immunity. Basically it’s so you won’t plead the 5th. Anything that Lee Anthony says in his deposition today can’t be used to prosecute him later. That doesn’t mean that they can’t charge him with obstruction later or worse if he was more involved, it just means they would have to use evidence other than anything gathered in the deposition. You can read up on Use Immunity over at

Since we already know that early on Lee gave several conflicting answer to detectives he can answer questions at the deposition without having to worry about incriminating himself. Yesterday prosecutors spent a long day going through the same process with Cindy Anthony.

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