Rodell Vereen Violated More Than His Probation


Back in 2007 50-year-old Rodell Vereen of Conway, SC was convicted for buggering a horse named Sugar at the Lazy B Stables. Bad enough to be jailed for being a horse fucker, but twice? With the same horse?

Surveilance cameras caught someone doing the horse back on July 19th but Police weren’t able to identify the assailant. Barbara Kenley, who owns the horse and the stables, was pretty sure it had to be Vereen. She wanted to catch him red-handed and catch him she did.

Kenley has been keeping her eyes open and this time she made sure to bring her shotgun. When she caught him literally in the act he claimed to be looking for the bathroom and then apologized, saying he didn’t mean to hurt her.

Vereen has been charged with Buggery and Trespassing. He is already on South Carolina’s sex offender list and faces up to five years if he is convicted. He was already on probation when he pleaded guilty to buggery last year and now he has to sit in jail until he has a hearing on Monday to determine if he violated his probation.


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