According to investigators in Oklahoma, 35-year-old Abel Travis Wolf and his 40-year-old wife Denise Ann Wolf were arrested last week near Rocky Boy’s Indian Reservation southwest of Havre, Montana in the investigation into the death of Abel’s daughter over a year ago. They are currently being held without bond in the Hill County Jail in Havre and have been charged with Unlawful Removal of a Body.

An autopsy has been scheduled on the cadaver of the couple’s 11-year-old daughter Cheyenne Noell Wolf. Currently they still aren’t sure of the cause of death as the family has been giving conflicting stories to law enforcement. If it weren’t for relatives that were worried about Cheyenne the Wolfs might still be hiding. They have been carrying the body around with them as they moved from Oklahoma to Oregon and on to Montana. Her body has been kept in a plastic tub buried under their deck, in the garage, a storage unit and even in a chicken coop on property belonging to Denise’s brother for a while.

Back in January one of their other children, Sara Elizabeth Wolf ran away from this dysfunctional family and was admitted to a hospital. With her parents fearing that she would tell someone their grisly secret they moved the body into the chicken coop belonging to Edward Lee Davis. When she learned that her brother had been snooping around their belongings, Denise moved the tub to the storage unit where police officers recently found it during their investigation.

According to Abel Wolf’s affidavit they were upset because Cheyenne wouldn’t eat her supper and when her father went outside with one of the girls to smoke he heard a loud thump inside the house. There’s no explanation (that I’ve seen) about the “thump” but it does go on to say that when he went back in to check on Cheyenne she seemed OK. The next day Denise called him and told him his daughter was dead. That’s when they decided to conceal her death from the police along with family and friends.

Their stories just reek of lies and crap to me. If the father’s statement is true and Cheyenne died at the hands of Denise how could he stand to be around her for the last 15 months, knowing that one of his precious children was dead? How could Denise’s brother Edward Davis NOT turn his sister in, if he in fact knew about the body (which he may not have for sure)? That old saying about blood being thicker than water is crap and just the fact that he knew his sister’s step-daughter was dead at the hands of one of the family should have been enough for him to call the law last April.

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