Who Killed Darlene Haynes?


Law Enforcement up in Worcester, MA are desperately searching for whoever killed 23-year-old Darlene Haynes last Thursday and they are seriously constrained by time because whoever brutally murdered Darlene in her apartment cut open the belly of this 8-months-pregnant mother of three and removed the baby she was carrying.

The last time anyone heard from Darlene was last Thursday night. She had dropped off her one-year-old baby girl at her boyfriend’s house (the father of her 3rd child) who she also has a restraining order against and then later on that night she sent a text message to a friend that said she was having wine coolers with another friend at her apartment. According to the Boston Globe the boyfriend, Roberto Rodriguez, is not considered a suspect.

Monday neighbors noticed a stench coming from Darlene’s apartment and when the landlord went to investigate he made the gruesome discovery. She was wrapped up in bed sheets in a closet and had been dead for several days. The body was severely mutilated and her 8-month-old fetus was missing.

Since doctors say that the baby would need medical attention it may be very soon that we find out exactly what happened to Darlene Haynes last week, that is provided that the intent was to remove the baby from alive from the woman.

Darlene does have several different MySpace profiles but the one she seems to have used most recently is here. She hasn’t logged in since September of last year and there really doesn’t seem to be a whole lot there that would point to anything specific as far as this case is concerned.


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