…or so his current girlfriend attests on her MySpace page. Thanks to Chris over at CrimeShadows News for posting this story first. If you are interested in the Zodiac Killer you might want to head over there when you are finished here and read up on the debunking of Dennis Kaufman’s claims about the Zodiac killer. Anyhow, back to this one…

30-year-old Cody Crews Harp of Eureka Springs, Arkansas is a busy guy. He’s a fireman in Eureka Springs as well as serving as a reserve police officer. He has two children with his estranged wife and a 25-year-old girlfriend as well. I guess that’s where all the problems start for him as it has with so many others. He and his wife have obviously been having problems and are in the midst of a custody battle for the boys. Since Cody is an all-American go-to guy he wanted to speed things up and have it all. The two boys, a younger girlfriend…living the dream, man!

Only problem is, Cody might have taken the wrong road to finally be rid of his wife.

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When I say “might have taken the wrong road” what that really means is that old Cody (MySpace & FaceBook) really fucked up and now he has no wife, no kids, no girlfriend. Figuratively anyway. He still has all of the above but all he’ll really have in a short time is soap on a rope in the crossbar motel and big burly guys named  Bubba to share a cell with…


Last week the Eureka Springs Police Department learned that Harp was trying to find a hitman to rid himself of his wife. Not wanting to fool around and also not wanting to tip off Cody Harp they called in the FBI to help out and set up a sting to catch him. They brought in an undercover agent to pose as a hit man and helped pick out a spot for the deal.

They decided on the Inn of the Ozarks as a great place to catch their man. One way in, one way out. Harp met the “hitman” in the parking lot of the hotel yesterday, gave him a picture of his wife (I wonder if it’s the same one I used at the top of the post…I cut his wife out of that one) and paid the man to kill her. Then they busted his sorry ass and charged him with Conspiracy to Commit Murder. Detective Barbalace from the Eureka Springs Police Department things they have a pretty tight, open and shut case. From the reports that have been released I would have to say I agree.

His girlfriend posted a comment to Cody’s last status update over on MySpace. “I love you. I love you so much and I am doing what I can. Keep your faith and no matter what know that I am yours. I will wait because you love me and you loving me is the greatest feeling. I miss you. I love you I love you I love you!!! Always forever and a day youre my firestarter. This will not change that.” Tell me something honey, just what the fuck do you think he would do when he tires of your ass and decides he needs to get a newer model?

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