David Wysocki Picked the Wrong Place to Beat His Wife and Kids


Wednesday David Henry Wysocki was flying from Baltimore to Tampa along with his wife and two children. According to the FBI after the family boarded the plane Wysocki started yelling at his wife and her two daughters using profanity and threatening to kill her when the plane landed.

A few minutes into the flight he started punching his wife Amanda, who is 8-months-pregnant, in the left side. He also pinched her and bit her left arm and he continued to curse at the girls.

The girls were moved to another part of the plane and Wysocki tried to follow but settled down once a flight attendant threatened to handcuff him if he didn’t behave. The attendant also made sure to alert the captain so that law enforcement would be waiting at the Tampa Airport. According to a report at the St Pete Times Wysocki was arrested and charged with commiting assault on a plane in flight and interfering with flight crew members but his arrest record shows that the 28-year-old man from Palm Harbor has been charged with disorderly intoxication and is in for five days, two other charges have been removed. It also shows that he has a Federal Hold on him so the other charges may be Federal, in which case he may just be expecting a bit more than five days.

I may have found Wysocki’s MySpace but I’m not sure so I won’t post it. I did come across his wife’s while I was searching but it really serves no purpose to post it here.

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