Some guys just have a real hard time taking no for an answer or moving on with their lives after a girl breaks up with them. I can sort of understand that, although I’ve never killed an ex-girlfriend over it. Recently 20-year-old Shekeria Lane (MySpace) broke up with her 29-year-old babydaddy Detrick “Dee” Corbett (MySpace). Detrick is the father of her 2-year-old child and she was pregnant again, about four months along.

Detrick apparently got it into his head that if his gangsta ass couldn’t have “Shy” Lane then nobody would. He forced his way into her Riverdale house late Sunday night at gunpoint and confronted family members in an attempt to find Shekeria. One of them was even shot in the buttocks trying to get away from from Corbett. I guess he should consider himself lucky considering what the murdering douchebag did after that.

After finding Lane he took a set of keys to one of the family member’s Kia and forced his ex-girlfriend into the car. Once 911 was called a description of the car was sent out and a little after 10:30 a Clayton County Deputy spotted the car and gave chase. Corbett ended up getting chased at speeds up to 110mph through three counties south of Atlanta Sunday night, even firing shots at officers at one point during the chase.

He finally exited on Moreland Avenue and drove through the back streets of Atlanta before finally getting stuck in the mud at the Atlanta Expo Center. Unfortunately that’s where it ended, at least for Shekeria Lane. After the car got stuck he shot and killed the mother of his child(ren). Corbett was then arrested.

Corbett had a hearing in Fulton County yesterday and bond was denied for the man facing charges of murder and aggravated stalking, in addition to a slew of other charges from Clayton, Fulton and possibly Henry counties. He was also arrested back in March of this year according to Fulton County records for Battery and bonded out two days later. I don’t know the results of that yet, or even if he’s gone to trial for it.

I haven’t yet been able to verify if it’s the same guy but back in 2002 (when Detrick would have been 22) a 22-year-old Detrick Corbett of Atlanta was jailed for aggravated battery, aggravated assault and obstruction of justice in an eerily similar situation. In that case the man stalked his girlfriend for two months after she broke up with him and kidnapped his two-year-old son and ex-girlfriend at gunpoint. Later that night police found him. After ramming their car and wrecking his he jumped out of the car and assaulted the girlfriend.  He got into a tussle with police (who were not aware of the kidnapping at the time) and his two-year-old ended up getting shot and killed.


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