Detective Brian Sawicki is Allegedly Icky


In the great scheme of scumbags and pedophiles Detective Brian Sawicki is pretty much a minor player but that never stopped me from posting before…

Monday afternoon two teenage girls were walking near Refugio State Beach in Santa Barbara when they noticed a man walking behind them, perhaps following them. A bit later they walked back toward the campground and they noticed the same man, allegedly the one pictured above, lying down and masturbating. At that point they ran to the campground and alerted the park ranger that was on-duty.

While he was interviewing the girls they saw the man walk out of the woods and pointed him out to the ranger who attempted to stop the man. After a short chase he caught and arrested the alleged public masturbator. 33-year-old Detective Brian Kenneth Sawicki, a seven year veteran of the Santa Barbara Police Department. Sawicki looks to have deleted his MySpace account, so no info there. He is facing three charges, Annoying or Molesting a Child Under 18, Indecent Exposure and Resisting Arrest. Sawicki was booked into the Santa Barbara Jail Monday afternoon and is currently out on $2500 bond. He is on administrative leave pending an internal investigation.

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