Doctor Pack Likes His Employees Young


50-year-old Dr. Steven R. Pack, a physician in Levi, Utah was arrested last Thursday on charges that he was allegedly caught taking photos of employees who were undressing in an exam room. According to the Levi Police he used a hidden camera in the room to capture images of two of his employees, aged 18 and 19, as they changed clothes in an exam room. He was booked into the Utah County Jail on two counts of voyeurism and one count of evidence tampering, all three misdemeanors. He posted bail the same day.

Pack asked the two young ladies to test out some X-Ray equipment and directed them to a specific room to change clothes. While undressing one of the women noticed a camera taped to the wall inside the room. As a result she informed the other employee and then called police and reported it.

When police arrived to interview Pack they made sure to remove the photographic equipment before Pack could get rid of it. According to police reports he made the effort to destroy the camera(s) before they arrived.

Police discovered photos of the woman on the camera as well as more images of women on his computer. Lehi Police Lt. Darren Paul said that “The hidden camera was used to obtain pictures that were inappropriate. One of the victims who came forward actually discovered the camera in the room, and that’s when she called us”.

This isn’t the first time Pack has been in trouble with the law either and he is also currently in a related lawsuit as well.

Back in 2006 Dr. Pack took a plea in abeyance for two charges of falsifying or altering a prescription, and three other similar charges as well as one for filing a false insurance claim were all dismissed. Basically according to those charges Pack would write prescriptions for Hydrocodone and his employees would fill in the form using their name or a family member, fill it using their insurance, and then bring it back for “office use”.

Dr. Pack’s license was suspended in June of 2007 and then he was placed on probation in December of that year. When the Utah Board of Physicians met back in February they directed him to file the proper paperwork by May in order to terminate his probation early. He did so and his full license was reinstated in May of this year, including the ability to administer and prescribe controlled substances.

The lawsuit I mentioned above is currently going on. An 18-year-old assistant was hired by Pack back in March. In July Pack allegedly called her into an exam room where he told her he needed to teach her how to diagnose heart murmurs (which she claims in the lawsuit was not in her job description). He asked the young woman to lie down on the exam table and after touching her breast with the stethoscope through her shirt he allegedly lifted her shirt and fondled her breast, alleging that he could “feel” for heart murmurs. He then had her show him how to use a heart monitor and the woman alleges that he inappropriately touched her while he claimed to be teaching her how to use a heart monitor and EKG machine.

One of the unsubstantiated comments at a news article online about Dr. Pack states that “I had to laugh when I saw this. I used to work for this creep! We all knew he was a perv. It’s about time he got what he deserved”. That may or may not be the case but you pretty much have to take comments on a news story or blog post for what they may be, utter bullshit. People tend to think they can say anything they want when they have a pseudonym to hide behind. The same commenter over at KSL also states that “I have it on good word that his license has been revoked and the clinic has been shut down”. I called the clinic right around what would have been closing time and rolled to voice mail so I may try again tomorrow. Dr. Pack is not the only physician there so if the other M.D. on staff at Mountain Medical Urgent Care & Family Medicine is part owner they may not be closed.


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