Elizabeth and Roy Lee Phillips' Kids Drew Shitty Pictures…


This story is over a month old but the Oklahoma City Police Department has just recently released the information to the media which is why I am just now putting it online.

Back at the end of June a tenant at the Metro Apartments in Oklahoma City noticed that three little boys had broken out the window of their second story apartment and were leaning out the window. She knocked on the door and when nobody answered she called 911 concerned that the children could fall out get hurt.

When police arrived they also could get nobody to answer the door so the apartment manager let them in. What they found when they entered the apartment was shocking. Garbage and clothing all scattered around the floor, the smell of animal feces and urine permeated the apartment, flies, gnats and cockroaches were everywhere. One description I heard was that the roaches were falling from the ceiling.

When police entered the bedroom they found three little boys ranging in ages under five. Terry, Cody and Tyler Phillips were locked in their hot bedroom with no fan or air conditioning, no toilet, no food or water and were covered in their own shit which they had used to draw pictures on the walls. The three children, who were hospitalized and turned over to DHS were in various states of undress and two of them had been cut by the glass from the broken window. All three had cases of Scabies.

The parents? Oh, they were there all the time. 32-year-old Roy Lee Phillips (MySpace) and 24-year-old Elizabeth Phillips (MySpace) were asleep in the other bedroom. Although the law enforcement officers had banged on the door, announced themselves and tromped through the house getting the kids the two fucktards pictured above were fast asleep. When they finally managed to get the parents up it was to a rude awakening. Both of them were arrested for Child Neglect and Enabling Child Abuse on June 27th. They were released on July 2nd on $10,000 bond each.

I’ve attempted to get in touch with both parents through MySpace in order to get a statement or their side of the story but neither has contacted me. Being as how both of them have logged in as recently as yesterday it is apparent that they do still have Internet access. Gotta have priorities, right?


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