James Persaud Watches Too Many Scary Movies


29-year-old Ocala man James Sakul Persaud was watching movies with his girlfriend on Friday evening. A nice quiet evening in, how much trouble can you get in right? Apparently quite a bit for James.

The couple was watching Friday the 13th and at some point in the evening Persaud decided that he was Jason. He had been drinking for several hours prior to the incident and Persaud decided he wanted to kill everyone and told his girlfriend as much. He went into the kitchen, grabbed a knife and started stabbing the walls, saying that he was going to kill someone. That’s when he attacked her, choking and whipping her.

Persaud’s girlfriend grabbed her son, beat feet and called 911 from a relative’s house.

When police got there they found Persaud hanging out in a parking lot. He told them that he and his girlfriend had been arguing and he admitted to acting like Jason by “Shaking uncontrollably and acting stupid”. The cops didn’t buy his explanation and arrested him, lodging Persaud in the Marion County Jail on several charges including Battery by Strangulation, Battery, Aggravated Battery on a Pregnant Woman and False Imprisonment with $130,000 bond.

Had James Persaud not already had a criminal record I am sure it might had gone a bit easier on him but being as how he was arrested just 13 days ago for burglary and grand larceny in addition to some other minor stuff from 2006 and 2007 I guess they figured the time to be nice was over.

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