Jere Temple is an AIDS-Ridden Child Molester


58-year-old Jere Michael Temple of Lakeland, Florida is a member of the Rainbow Promise Community Church, also in Lakeland. The church is a religious organization that reaches out to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community in Polk County. That’s all well and good. Temple also volunteered at different church events and helped out with the youth ministry. He wanted to become part of the youth ministry but had not yet completed all of the background checks according to the Reverend Karen Ducham. Unfortunately churches, schools and other organizations where children congregate are also gathering grounds for pedophiles like Temple who has been arrested and charged with six felony counts of Sexual Battery With a Minor Over 12 and Engaging in Sexual Intercourse Without Disclosing HIV Infection by the Lakeland Police Department.

The 13-year-old boy that Temple allegedly raped also belongs to the Rainbow Promise church along with his family. As a matter of fact Temple is was friends with the family and had the child at his trailer for “youth counseling”.

Temple had unprotected sex with the boy several times, both at his house while his partner was sleeping and in a stall at the mobile home park’s community pool. The boy told his mother about the sex and she in turn called the police who set up a phone call between the boy and Temple. During the call the boy confronted Temple about having AIDS and Jere Temple acted as if it was no big deal, telling him that there was little chance of getting the infection and that he and his partner engaged in unprotected sex all the time. The thought of the two ass-bandits going at it unprotected certainly wouldn’t make me feel any better. Anyway, he agreed to use condoms the next time that they engaged in sex.

After his arrest Temple denied all of the allegations, at least until detectives played back the tape of the phone call.

Jere Temple is currently being held in the Polk County Jail on $1.25 Million Bond.


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