I honestly don’t know why the heck I am even bothering to post this except for the fact that for a large part of last year I followed the Anthony case pretty closely. While I still click on whatever headlines come around I have better things to do than listen to every crackpot out there and that is exactly what Jerry Jackson is.

21-year-old Jerry Lewis (or Louis) Jackson is currently incarcerated in the State of Florida on several different charges. He’s been locked up since 2004 (he was 16) and according to prison officials he is a bit unstable. Back in July he wrote a letter addressed to “whomever is representing Ms. Anthony” claiming that he knows who killed Caylee Anthony and that it is not Casey. That should be everyone’s first clue that the dude doesn’t have one (a clue, that is).

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He also wrote that if nobody responded by August 15th he would take the information to his grave.

You can see the contents of the letter here and more information can be had about Jerry here.

Just more crap to muddy the waters in the already screwed-up case of Casey Anthony.

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