Kathleen Lawson Thinks Tammy Brown Has Good Taste in Clothing


I hate moving. We’ve lived in the house we are in now for going on nine years and hopefully it will be quite a long time before we have to move again. One thing I always appreciated is that there always seem to be friends that are willing to help you move, just so long as they aren’t like some of Tammy Brown’s neighbors in Sacramento.

kathleenlawson Kathleen Lawson

Tammy is getting ready to move out of her house and while she was gone briefly on an errand three of her neighbors decided to make her trip a bit lighter. They broke into her house and were in the process of taking stuff when some of the other neighbors noticed. It had to have been pretty hard not to see Kathleen Lawson rolling a hand truck up to Brown’s house. One of her neighbors told the woman “You don’t belong here” to which Lawson responded “I’m here to get the dryer”. The nice neighbors decided to call the police at that point.

felicia mccoyWhen Tammy Brown got back home I’m sure she was surprised at the scene. People standing around her house, police sitting out front…and then walks up Kathleen Lawson who asks “What are you going to do with the dryer”

Tammy had to ask “How do you know there is a dryer”

“You’ve gone in my house…”

“You’re wearing my clothes!”

Tammy’s family members kept Lawson from walking away but before she was arrested Kathleen Lawson told Tammy “You’ve got good taste in clothes”. bwahaha. I’ve been laughing at these fucktards all night over that. If it wasn’t so creepy thinking about people just coming in and taking stuff all willy nilly these inept burglars are laughable.

 jesushernandez Jesus Hernandez

Police ended up finding some of the stolen items at the trailer (of course) across the street and found even more stuff at a home around the corner. In all 30-year-old Jesus Hernandez (MySpace), 22-year-old Felicia McCoy (MySpace) and 36-year-old Kathleen Lawson were arrested for burglary. Of course Kathleen was also arrested on drug charges as well but then that should have been pretty obvious from her lack of viable brain cells. They should have charged her for not wearing her teeth around an unsuspecting public. “You have good taste in clothes” hehehe.

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