Updated – Katie Furtaw is a Biter


Original Post – A couple of weeks ago 21-year-old Katie Furtaw’s 4-month-old Ashley Diaz was taken to the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in the middle of the night covered in what reports say were bite marks. Sadly she died in the hospital about an hour later. The coroner hasn’t yet released a cause of death and says that it may be several more weeks before that is known and released. Ashley also had a bruise over her right eye.

Katie Furtaw was arrested last Friday and has been charged with aggravated child abuse. She has been released from the Orange County Jail on $5,000 bond. Law Enforcement are still investigating Ashley’s death and if an arrest is made in that it most likely won’t come until after the ME releases the autopsy report.

Under questioning Katie admitted to biting the baby out of frustration. According to the police report “She said the victim would keep crying after being fed and being given diaper changes and she did not know how to deal with it. She admitted to biting the victim out of frustration between 5 and 10 times“. I know it can be pretty frustrating. While my girls were pretty good babies my son cried all the time, particularly at night when you wanted to sleep. The wife and I were both not much older than Katie but I don’t recall either of us ever abusing our kid because it was frustrating.

Katie is originally from Bayonne, NJ which is where she was living when she had this MySpace account and by the time this one was created she was living in the Bronx. That was in 2007. According to the second profile “my name is katie and iam haveing a daughter in a week she is my life and my heart the love of my life and har name is tatianna. she is my world and my 1 love . i never loved someone the way i love her my baby tatianna forever and always mommy love you so much my love i love you

Ashley’s grandmother had this to say on her profile status: “in memory of ashley ~! RIP IN PEACE ASHLEY GRANDMA LOVES YOU~! I KNOW YOU ARE IN A BETTER PLACE.. WITH YOUR TETE MARAGRITA~!”

According to police Ashley’s father was not home at the time that she was found unconscious and Katie Furtaw is the only suspect in the case.

I’ll try and update this post once cause and manner of death have been determined.

Updated 8/26/09According to David Lohr
a relative from out-of-state made the statement that “there is no way
she would have done something like this” They went on to say that Katie
was mentally disabled and had been since childhood when she was
diagnosed with lead poisoning and that Katie interacted well with
children.The relative gave the opinion that the baby died from Sudden
Infant Death Syndrome. I guess we’ll see when the cause of death is
finally released.

Updated 10/17/09 – Katie is currently out on $5,000 bond and there is no case calendar information available at the current time.

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5 throughts on "Updated – Katie Furtaw is a Biter"

  1. I live in the apartment right near them and I can tell you the boyfriend was there in the house at the time we saw him when we went to try and help them. I was going to try to give the baby CPR but when I saw the condition she was in I didn’t want to because I didn’t want to make things worse. She was colorless and lifeless laying on the floor while the bf was literally “sucking” formula from her nose and mouth as it spewed out of her. I truly think there was fowl play here. They told the leasing agent at our apartment complex that the baby rolled between the matress and wall while sleeping on the bed ( un attended mind you!) and that she suffocated but I think the mother smothered her with a pillow bc she wouldn’t stop crying after she was fed. This girl needs to be convicted of murder and I think the boyfriend living there should be under investigation too. The police were called to their apartment several times because he used to beat the shit out of Katie all the time and they used to have “knock down drag out fights” so everyone could hear it. Just ask the neighbors that live below them, it was an EVERYDAY occurance, so unfortunatly I’m not suprised that something happend to one of the children and I can tell you it wasn’t accidental!

  2. Everyone always makes the comment “they would never do that”. But sad to say, a innocent baby is dead. And I’m sure the so called mother of the child will get her change once they find out why she is in prison. I hope the kick her ass. Our government tends to lightly slap the wrists on people that abuse children, but yet we heavily charge those who deal drugs.

  3. you people dont know what the fuck you are talking about,
    how can you say all the this about her you sould see whats going on
    frist ok she loved her baby thats not rights thats mass up,
    fuck all you people.

  4. yeah I’m sure you know a whole lot. Do you live near her. Do you have to hear them yell and scream and beat the shit out of each other every night. Nope!! So get ur facts straight before you go defending a baby killer!

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