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Updated – Amanda Dove and Luis Porras appeared before a judge in a bond hearing Sunday night, August 23rd. No bond was issued and the two will have to appear before a Dekalb County Superior Court judge for a decision as to whether they will be granted bond or not. They will be back in court again on September 3rd.

Original Post – The unexpected murder of Jameelah Qureshi has been all over the news in Atlanta for the last few days. The 40-year-old woman was found shot to death outside her home in Lithonia on August 15th after neighbors and family reported hearing several gunshots. Several family members were at home at the time, luckily nobody else was injured. Qureshi, a mother of four, also was engaged to be married to a Dekalb County Police Officer.

A task force was formed to hunt for the killers and 25-year-old Amanda Dove (MySpace) and 24-year-old Luis Alberto Porras were arrested late last night and charged with murder and are currently being held in the Dekalb County Jail without bond.

The funeral for Jameelah Qureshi was held earlier today at Mount Patmos Baptist Church in Decatur. A trust fund has also been set up for the four children. Donations can be left at any Wachovia Bank under the Latrice Evans fund.

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