Lynn and Lindsey Maxwell Found Guilty on ALL Charges


As anyone following this blog knows, I have been posting updates on this case and the surrounding investigations since last August. To recap, last August 11-year-old Erin Maxwell was brutally raped and murdered in her Palermo, New York home. Her step-brother Alan Jones has been charged with the murder but due to the circumstances of the murder and the conditions in which Erin was forced to live in her step-mother Lynn Maxwell and father Lynn were charged with four counts each of misdemeanor endangering the welfare of a child.

Yesterday was the last day of testimony in the trial, with Lindsey Maxwell being the last to testify before closing arguments. The jury started deliberating shortly after 5pm yesterday and at 10:17pm last night they returned with guilty verdicts on all charges for both Lynn and Lindsey.

During the investigation over 100 cats and other animals were found in and around the house which was also filled with cobwebs, piles of cat feces and even dead cats stuffed in their freezer.

According to the Maxwell’s defense attorney Salvatore Lanza “A child died here, but my clients are not responsible. A lot of people failed Erin Maxwell”. He is obviously referring to the fact that DCS did a shitty job as well as others that may have come in contact with Erin such as her teachers. That’s all fine and well. I tend to agree with the fact that Child Protective Services could have done more but the simple fact is that the social workers and teachers were not Erin’s parents. It was Lindsey Maxwell’s one and only job (particularly since he was unemployed) to protect and take care of his daughter, who the Maxwells seemed to consider a burden, and he couldn’t even get that right. The two of them seemed more interested in building a new deck and buying laptops than feeding and clothing Erin and cleaning up their disgusting house.

Lanza plans on appealing the verdict in county court and right now the Maxwell’s bond has been bumped to $10,000 cash or $20,000 bond. Their sentencing will be in October and if I recall correctly each count can get up to two years maximum sentence.


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