Man Who Found 7 Dead in Brunswick Arrested – Guy Heinze Charged With Drug Offenses


The man who found his family slain in a mobile home park in Brunswick, GA yesterday and called 911 has been arrested on drug-related charges and police won’t rule him out as a suspect in the murders. 22-year-old Guy Heinze, Jr was arrested late yesterday evening and charged with illegal possession of prescription drugs, possession of marijuana, tampering with evidence and making false statements to police.

One of my first thoughts yesterday was that this was probably drug-related and while Heinze’s arrest certainly doesn’t make it so, it certainly doesn’t move it in any other directions either.

The Chief of Police, Matt Doering did have this to say about Heinze though, “I’m not going to rule him out, but I’m not going to characterize him as a suspect”. He also said that none of the injured or dead people at the scene committed the heinous act, which means that either the suspect that is in custody did it, or the killer is still out there.

The GBI started their autopsies today and once the results are in they will be released to Glynn County. It will take a few days for them to finish the autopsies.

Also in updated news on this story, one of the two survivors flown to the hospital in Savannah, 19-year-old Michael Toler, has died bringing the total number of dead shooting victims to eight now. Three of his siblings are also among the dead. Two of the other victims were related to the Tolers and the other one was a boyfriend of one of the girls who was killed. The Glynn County Police are offering a $25,000 reward for any information in the case, which he should be announcing at a news conference right now.


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