Maxwell Trial Day Eight

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Lynn Maxwell finished her testimony last night in the Child Endangerment trial telling the court that Erin was not locked in her room and could and did open it up on a regular basis.She also told the court that the cats found in their hous lived in Lynn and Lindsey Maxwell’s bedroom and ate all their meals there.

After Lynn Maxwell left the stand Brian Belrad, the brother of Alan Jones was called to testify. He stated that the Maxwell house was cluttered and that after State Police investigated they destroyed the house and left cats running all over the place.

He also claimed that the SPCA brought cats out of the house in carriers but that after the media left they brought empty carriers out, basically claiming that it was just a show and that there weren’t as many cats as reported. Belrad also said that there was an odor in the house but it wasn’t overwhelming.

Tonight the Assistant DA will cross-examine Belrad and Lindsey Maxwell will be called to testify.

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