Maxwell Trial Day Nine


The first couple of hours from last night was spent finishing up the testimony of Brian Belrad, Alan Jones’ brother. When Belrad gave police a statement he told them that there was a “strong cat smell in the house”. In his testimony Belrad said that he didn’t use the word “strong” but didn’t ask to have his statement changed because it was close enough. He also told the court that he had never seen Erin Maxwell locked in her room.

The rest of the evening was spend with the defense attorney Salvatore Lanzo questioning Lindsey Maxwell, Erin Maxwell’s father. According to Maxwell Erin could get out of her room through the window in the even of an emergency, and they even had a plan for that.

Maxwell testified that he was a stay-at-home father and that after he married Lynn in 2002 and moved from Nevada to Palermo, New York he couldn’t find a job and was often depressed. Seven years of being unemployed? Sounds like laziness to me. Even when the economy is bad there are jobs out there.

Since Maxwell apparently likes to draw, his defense attorney Lanzo painted him as an artist to the jury, saying that he was working at home and that he was not a bum. As far as I am concerned if the shoe fits…

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