Maxwell Trial Day Seven


Lynn Maxwell was back on the stand again for most of the evening and will be back on the stand again tonight when the trial resumes.

Maxwell admitted during questioning that there was a pile of cat feces in the corner of the room that had been there for two months but she said that she was hardly ever in the room and so didn’t notice it. She also tried to claim that the presence of cat feces was not a health issue. Since she is a nurse the prosecution pushed her to answer several questions that proved she does know it can be a health issue.

When she was asked about the steel door with chicken wire at the bottom that latched from the outside on her step-daughter’s rooms she claimed that Erin could open it from the inside. She also said they could not afford to buy a new door when asked by prosecutors, which is when they pulled out the pictures of all the new computers, laptops, GPS devices and MP3 players that had been bought in the last year.

I will update this again in the morning.

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