Maxwell Trial Update – Day 6

Lynn Maxwell started out last night by taking the stand to claim that she had never seen animal feces or urine in her house, 11-year-old Erin Maxwell was never locked in her room and that there were only 70 cats in the house not 100+. She claimed that the stillborn kittens in the freezer were there so they could all be buried together. Lynn also stated for the court that the house may have been messy because she was distraught over her mother’s death the month prior and hadn’t done any chores.

The Assistant DA closed his case last night by calling an ASPCA rep and a Code Enforcement Officer along with nine others. They both testified about how the house reeked from cat piss (quite a distinctive smell) and that there were piles of cat shit throughout the house. They also talked about the abnormally large amounts of animals that were caged through the house. The ASPCA rep testified that they ended up removing 126 cats from in and around the house and the Code Enforcement Officer testified about the house being in violation of New York’s Maintenance Code. As a matter of fact the house has since been condemned.

Sort of as a side note on this topic, back in October of 2008 I wrote the post Did Alan Jones Murder Erin Maxwell? I made a statement in the post along the lines of “Hopefully there is enough evidence for a jury to convict him and put the murdering pedophile away for life”. I most likely got carried away with that statement and changed it a short time after. Anyway, Alan Jones brother is Bryan Belrad, sort of a creepy hack who has a website and writes. I won’t link to it here but the link to his crackpot site is still in the comment where he accuses me of libel. Anyhow, the point isn’t that this crazy man is related to the alleged rapist and murderer of Erin Maxwell but one thing I found interesting is that Bryan Belrad’s wife was called to testify for the prosecution last week and testified how nasty the house smelled and how she saw Erin locked in her room during a barbecue a short time before Erin’s death.

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