Misti Cummings Fails Lie Detector Test


Pretty recently the Putnam County Sheriff put out a press release which in effect said that Misti Cummings (Croslin) was hindering the search for Haleigh Cummings by not being as forthcoming with information as she could be. A nice way of saying she’s full of shit and most likely knows what happened to Haleigh.

Two days later Misti called Tim Miller from EquuSearch asking for his help again and wanting them to continue the search for Haleigh and also to help clear her name.

Miller arranged for Misti to take a lie detector test in Orlando last week and according to Tim Miller she failed “miserably”. There were two parts to the test, written and voice analysis, ands she failed both. There was also supposed to be a hypnotism session but she fought being put under so there were no results from that.

I don’t think it’s ever been in question by anyone with more than half a brain that Misti knows more than she’s saying and I think that the Putnam County Sheriff is getting real tired of it. Hopefully one day soon we’ll know the answers.

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