More Fun and Games In The Maxwell Trial


Last night during the trial of Lynn and Lindsey Maxwell it got ugly. At one point during a recess Salvatore Lanza, the defense attorney for the Maxwells, went outside and as a woman walked by she called him a “fucking lawyer” and kept on walking. Rather than just suck it up and deal with it (what defense attorney hasn’t heard that at least 100 times) he took offense, pointed at her and started to follow, shouting at her to come back and say it to his face. Lanza asked the judge, also in the parking lot, to take note of the woman who yelled at him. The judge basically told him to go inside and do his job.

State Police investigator Harrigan is still on the stand and Lanza continued to cross-examine him about the things that were and were not done during the investigation, such as testing cat feces, testing the floor to make sure it was urine-soaked testing clothes that appeared to have cat vomit on them.

Lanza at one point made fun of the Assistant District Attorney when he stumbled over his words a bit. Judge Wood immediately ordered the lawyers to his chambers after that one. Early on when it became public knowledge that Lanza was representing the Maxwells I heard and read a lot of bad things about him and the more I hear and see the more I realize just what an asshole he really is.

That point aside, everyone is entitled to a fair trial and a good defense so when he told the woman that he was just doing his job he was right. I would hope that should I or anyone in my family ever get accused of something that we have a lawyer to defend us just as vigorously. Hopefully one that can hold his temper though.

Anyway, today the trial continued. Five different witnesses were called to the stand today, all emergence first responders, one fire fighter and four state troopers. The defense tried to paint the trooper’s testimony as a conspiracy against the Maxwells.

Court is out of session for the Maxwells until Tuesday evening and I will try and have an update Wednesday morning.

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