I don’t post a lot of drunk driving stories here. It’s obvious to all parties involved that if you drink and get behind the wheel you are a fucktard and deserve the stiffest penalty the law provides. This is a local story though and Natasha Angeline Searcy’s stupidity has killed a woman and her son.

Around 5:45 yesterday morning Ashley Ingalsbe (I have also seen it listed as Ingalsve) and her two children, four-year-old Luke and a baby were driving on Skyview Drive in Douglas County when a drunk 25-year-old Natasha Searcy (one of the commenters below AND her MySpace page identify her as being 22, not 25 as has been reported here and several other places) crossed into their lane and hit the Ingalsbe’s Toyota head on, killing Ashley and Luke. Both children were in car seats and the baby has miraculously survived. Luke was killed instantly and his mother passed away yesterday afternoon.

Unfortunately Natasha escaped the collision with minor injuries and was taken to Cobb Wellstar Hospital to be treated. She has been charged with Vehicular Homicide, DUI and Driving Without Insurance.

One of the bleeding heart commenters over at WSB had this to say about Natasha “GOD loves Natasha. He will forgive her if she only ask. Who are we to judge her. I am sure she didn’t get drunk to go and kill someone. God doesn’t like people to judge. David and Sheila please don’t quit praying and please don’t let this idiots on this blog discourage you from being who you are. I am sure the family appreciates all you did. Thank you for being there for this family. All you other idiots should be praying for yourselves.”

I’m sure she didn’t plan on killing anyone either but if you are too fucking stupid to lock up the car keys before you get drunk you need neither a car or the ability to drink alcohol.

Searcy is due for her first court appearance this morning.

Updated – Searcy appeared for her bond hearing earlier today. Bond was denied due to the fact that the judge deemed her a flight risk. Searcy is apparently blaming the driver of the other car, Ashley Ingalsbe, for the accident. According to the Douglas County DA, Searcy is claiming that Ingalsbe was the one driving on the wrong side of the road and the wreck was her fault.

The news stations are also reporting that there was another passenger in the Ingalsbe car as well, Justin Vinnacombe, who was also hurt in the crash. The three charges I posted about earlier still stand, if they change I’ll try and update the post.


Natasha’s MySpace.

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