Pedophile Roger Martin Gets Free Viagra Thanks to Taxpayers

…all the better so he can molest more children. WTF?

71-year-old widower Roger Martin of England is a serial pedophile whose string of sex offenses dates all the way back to 1978. Instead of being in jail where he belongs this scumbag is still running free on the dole and even receiving Viagra on the National Health System.

Martin’s latest offense was for inappropriately touching an 11-year-old girl when she visited his sheltered accommodation home last December to do some cleaning for pocket money.

You would think that after 31 years of molesting children an astute judge would lock him up and let him die in jail but no, Judge Nicholas Coleman let himself be persuaded not to send him to prison because he wouldn’t be able to cope with a spell behind bars. What about all of the children that are having to cope for the rest of their lives because of Martin?

He has been ordered to attend a three year sex offenders’ treatment program and is banned from having contact with children.

According to Martin his use of Viagra is “a personal thing really” and that “I live on my own and I don’t have any female company and I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong”.

There is so much wrong with this story from the fact that the justice system obviously isn’t working at least in the case of Martin as well as the fact that UK taxpayer money is being used to buy a sexual aid for a convicted child molester.


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