Rahkia Anderson Has Cocaine in Her Coochy


18-year-old Rahkia Marie Anderson of Fort Walton Beach, Florida was pulled over in her ’87 Chevy pickup on July 30th after a police officer noticed that she didn’t have any tag lights. While speaking to Rahkia the officer became suspicious and started asking more questions.

Turns out that she had a cut green straw in her purse like what you might use to snort coke. Rahkia told the officer it wouldn’t test positive for cocaine but would for Xanax. I doubt she has a prescription for snorting Xanax. She also told the police officer that one of her passengers had marijuana on him because they had smoked it earlier.

Rahkia was arrested for Possession of drug paraphernalia. On her arrest report it was noted that she has several tattoos under identifying marks. She has a butterfly on her left ear and five stars on her left hand (how cute) oh and yeah, she has “Keith” on her crotch. That’ll be a bitch to explain should she ever marry someone else…

When the group got to the Niceville Police Department one of the officers overheard her talking to one of her passengers. She told him/her that she had “cocaine in her coochy”. When the officers questioned her during her statement she pulled a plastic bag containing cocaine out of her panties. She also told the officer that she had intended to sell the cocaine. I hope the officer used gloves to take the plastic bag.

Anderson ended up being charged with Felony Possession of Narcotics and Possession of Drug Equipment.

Rahkia hasn’t logged into her MySpace account in almost four years so there is nothing of particular interest there.


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