Richie Coverdale Busted By Burglars


Richie Coverdale’s MySpace

I mainly write about crime in the United States but this was too darned good to resist. Back on August 19th, 2008 Richard Coverdale of North Yorkshire, UK had his home burglarized. Among the items taken was his laptop. I guess in this situation there really was a silver lining although I’m pretty sure that the 24-year-old Coverdale didn’t think so.

The burglars apparently took a look at the laptop rather than selling it and they were pretty shocked when they discovered a bunch of child pornography on it. As a matter of fact it disgusted them enough to tip off the police to Mr. Coverdale. During the investigation Coverdale admitted to downloading child porn and chatting with young girls as well as exposing himself to one of them via webcam. According to the report I’ve linked to below the girl was so degraded and humiliated that she resorted to hurting herself.

Coverdale was sentenced to 42 months in jail, banned from working with children for life and will be issued with a sexual offences prevention order (basically registering as a sex offender.

Oh, yeah. Both of the burglars have been caught as well, unfortunately no medals are in the offing for them.

According to Richie’s MySpace page he’s “Sweet N Lovin on the Inside, Rough and Ready on the Outside”. Hopefully some bubba in prison will think so too and make him their bitch.


Richie’s Bebo profile.

His MySpace.


Those are just the easily findable links. I’m sure with a few more minutes research plenty more would be located.

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