Robert Manwill's Family Addresses The Public


I came across this over at Justice for Caylee and have stolen it in it’s entirety. Go visit as they have updates on other endangered children’s cases as well.

There was a vigil held yesterday for Robert Manwill in Boise Idaho.  Earlier in the day the Robert Manwill “family” held a press conference and addressed the public.

Trish Burrill, Robert’s aunt, did the speaking.  I must commend her.  It seems she has been leading this charge for the family from day one.  I think she wants answers as bad as any of us.  Those answers when they come, and they will come, will probably hurt her the most.  But it slows her down not at all.

She spoke of Robert as a normal happy child.   I only hope that was true.  I hope he was unaware of the tragedies surrounding him.

She described Robert in this way:

    Robert loved to meet new people and make new friends. He was so outgoing that we had to make new rules just for him. One of his rules was that he had to ask before he hugged someone. He loved life and people so much that he would run up to strangers and give them hugs.

Ms. Burrill announced a new myspace page they created so that the public can get to know Robert.  (

The page reads of books, movies, television shows Robert loved, and has almost 40 pictures of him growing up just like any other child.

Knowing what we know about the family, and the police ruling this a homicide, it’s comforting to see little Robert playing and standing in front of a Christmas tree like any other kid. 

    You could catch him “dancing” around the house listening to his Mp3 player with Trace Atkins, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Aqua, Joan Jett, Pat Benatar, and many, many more. Now you may ask why dancing is in quotes. Robert could not dance. He though he was dancing but was nothing but flailing his arms around and moving his legs. But this never stoped him from thinking that he was the greatest dancer in the world.

Dance Robert

Justice for Caylee.

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