Ryan Jenkins Found Dead in Canada


32-year-old Ryan Jenkins, the main suspect in the grisly murder of his model wife Jasmine Fiore, has been found dead after he hung himself in the Thunderbird Motel in British Columbia.

Fiore’s murder has been all over National news for the last week after her body was found stuffed into a suitcase in a dumpster in Buena Park, California with her fingers chopped off and her teeth pulled out, most likely to make it harder to ID the body. They finally identified Fiore by the serial numbers on the breast implants she had.

A manhunt has been under way for the last week with Jenkins as it’s subject and it’s suprising that he managed to evade law enforcement for this long. Jenkins, a Canadian native, most likely crossed the Canadian-U.S. border on foot after traveling up the coast. His truck and an empty boat trailer was located in Washington and then later his boat itself was discovered about ten miles away, within walking distance of the border.

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